Woman shares top hack for removing excess oil from fatty foods

Woman shares top hack for removing excess oil from fatty foods

The thing is, we think it might be an extremely subjective approach to removing fat...

Ground meat in a glass bowl
Ground meat in a glass bowl/Pexels/@Angele J

Can you believe we are already in the second to last month of 2023? 

It is just as surprising to us. 

Usually, people always leave their Summer bodies for the last minute, but as Stacey Norman hosts The East Coast Radio and Clicks Summer Body Bootcamp, we discovered a hack to remove fat from your favourite meaty dishes. 

We must begin by warning any sensitive people because this hack is anything but conventional and did cause quite a stir on social media. 

Content creator, Victoria, who enjoys sharing tips, hacks, DIY, food, and family stuff on her social media, shared a hack that helps remove excess fat from meat. 

The video she posted received over three-million views and we suspect the reason is because she used unused tampons to soak up the excess fat from her ground beef. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

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She called this the simplest way to remove excess fat and as you can imagine, people were only happy to share their thoughts. 

  • "Tampons are too expensive to be used for this"
  • "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Everyone talking about the tampons I’m thinking about how bad that beef looks once all the moisture has been took out of it"
  • "K but why do the tampons look scrumptious now like they look like toasted marshmallows 😍"
  • "No the easiest way is to buy 96/4 ground beef. It barely has any fat in it. Save the tampons lol"
  • "Omg just use paper towel lol!"

People made some good points though, so we are not certain what her motivation behind using a tampon was...

We are no experts, but considering the nature of tampons and what they are meant to be used for, we doubt it is safe to put them with your food...

As many suggested, rather use a paper towel. 


After people slammed her on her post, saying there are chemicals in tampons, she decided to pivot and posted a video on how to use tampons after cooking for cleaning...

Watch the video below courtesy of TikTok

@victorias.way Replying to @violet Another rampon hack🍳 #lifehacks #LifeHack #virall #viralvideo #viral #viraltiktoks #viraltiktokvideo #foryou #fortoupage #foryoupage #fypage #viralvideos #lifehacker #lifehacking #tiktokviral #tiktoklifehack #tiktoklifehacks #hacks #hacksoflifed #tamponstory #tamponhack #tampon #tamponprank #kitchenhack #kitchenlifehack ♬ Classic Jazz Piano - Relaxed and bright(1016589) - Ponetto
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