Suspect of armed robbery shoots himself after being cornered by community

Suspect of armed robbery shoots himself after being cornered by community

Luckily there's no 'get out of jail free' card for the wounded...

A gun pointing to the camera
A gun pointing to the camera/Pexels Website

Crime is not something that we enjoy speaking of. Besides the fact that it is already covered enough by the news, it is not exactly a pleasant topic as you can imagine. 

But when it comes to the silliness and resorts that some criminals go to, it certainly peaks our interest. 

In this case it was a suspected armed criminal who found no other option except to shoot himself to get out of answering to the community of Madonsi Xikhulu Village, Limpopo. 

According to authorities, a suspected armed criminal was seen robbing a local spaza shop in Madonsi Xikhulu Village, Limpopo. A customer spread the word in the community, which led to the community chasing after him. 

As they chased the suspect, he fired shots at them and then when he was cornered, he did something that is anything but smart. 

He allegedly shot himself, wounding himself and ended up in hospital. 

"Police opened a case of business robbery and unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition. The 29-year-old  suspect who shot himself is admitted in hospital under police guard. 

He is expected to appear in the local Magistrate’s Court as soon as he recovers." (MSN)

It seems that he was so fearful of what the members of the community may do to him, that he felt that shooting himself was a better option. 

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