South Africans can get an official qualification to fix potholes

South Africans can get an official qualification to fix potholes

Fancy yourself an NQF level 3 qualification for fixing potholes? 

A large pothole filled with water on an asphalt road
A large pothole filled with water on an asphalt road/iStock/

We love it when brands listen to the needs of a country and create qualifications or jobs that suit those needs. 

It's not often that you will hear of something as unique as a qualification to fix a pothole. Of course, the job title sounds fitting in the country we live in where we are greeted with potholes on almost all roads. 

"South Africans can now qualify to fix potholes through the Discovery Pothole Patrol Academy, which launched on 1 February 2024. Discovery announced the official launch of the academy on Wednesday (28 February) in partnership with Avis Southern Africa." (Business Tech)

The academy provides both classroom and on-the-job training for learners through EduWize, which is an accredited leadership and skills development provider. 

Discovery shared that the academy is accredited by the Insurance Sector Education and Training Authority (INSETA) and learners will be able to receive an NQF Level 3 qualification in this practical training programme. 

It's an exciting time for the learners who will be able to receive their qualification in fixing potholes and also start their entrepreneurial journeys in this abundant field. 

Not to mention they will be able to create employment. 

"Kgodiso Mokonyane, Head of Strategy and Value Added & Ancillary Products at Discovery Insure said, "It’s not only about getting an NQF-level qualification – it’s about making a real and lasting impact in our society." (Business Tech)

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"Since the Pothole Patrol’s launch in 2021, the initiative has repaired over 200,000 potholes on major Johannesburg roads. Initially, the project aimed to repair 1,000 potholes a week, but it has exceeded this target by 25%." (Business Tech)

Proof that when you listen to the needs of society, job creation can be a welcomed reality for the majority of South Africa.

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