Man who was declared dead revived after ambulance hit pothole

Man who was declared dead revived after ambulance hit pothole

It seems potholes do have some use in society...

A large pothole filled with water on an asphalt road
A large pothole filled with water on an asphalt road/iStock/

Usually, potholes are considered bad. No one enjoys going over a pothole.

However, you could say that this man owes his life to a pothole.

According to Times Now News, an 80-year-old man who was declared dead by medical professionals was revived when the ambulance he was in hit a pothole. 

In South Africa, we are used to potholes, but India is definitely known for their abundance of potholes. So, to hear that this man allegedly owes his life to a pothole flips the way we think about potholes as a whole. 

"Darshan Singh Brar allegedly owes his life to a pothole. The man had not been feeling well for several days, so one of his grandsons decided to take him to a hospital near his home. He was diagnosed with a severe chest infection which also took a toll on his pre-existing heart condition, and despite doctors’ best efforts, he was pronounced dead after four days on a ventilator." (Oddity Central)

His family have labelled the incident a miracle and are hoping for a full recovery. 

When his heartbeat returned after the ambulance hit the pothole, Brar was taken to the nearest hospital. 

"Something strange allegedly happened while the ambulance was traveling to Nising. Near Dhand, a village in Haryana’s Kaithal district, the car hit a deep pothole and moments later, Balwan’s brother, who was watching over his grandfather’s body, saw the 80-year-old man move his hand. He quickly checked for a pulse and, sensing one, alerted the driver to take them to the nearest hospital." (Oddity Central)

After assessing the patient, the doctors said that they could not attest to Brar being declared dead. When he arrived at their hospital, he was breathing and had a pulse and blood pressure. 

They said that perhaps the other hospital was experiencing technical errors...

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Funnily enough, this isn't the first time something like this happened. We saw an interview with a man who was experiencing chest pains and was inside the ambulance on the way to the hospital. 

But after the ambulance hit a pothole, he said he felt better. Check out the video below, courtesy of YouTube

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