Snake bites teenager's genitals

Snake bites teenager's genitals

You never know what unexpected and surprising things are waiting beneath that toilet seat lid (Warning: not for sensitive viewers).


One teenager experienced most people's greatest fear when he went to the bathroom.

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The incident happened in Thailand where the snake had infiltrated the toilet by going through the plumbing.

The boy, Siraphop Masukarat, explained that he had sat down and felt a searing pain in his nether regions when he decided to get up only to find a snake hanging there.

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The snake was later identified to be a python that was about 121cm in length.

After hearing her son yell, his mother made an attempt to calm him down while emergency services were on their way. 

The snake remained in the toilet bowl.

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Luckily the boy survived the incident and is making a full recovery, while the snake was captured and released in the wild. 

You can watch the video capturing the incident below:

Main image courtesy of Pexels

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