WATCH: Student is victim of robbery during Zoom class

WATCH: Student is victim of robbery during Zoom class

In 2020, it was only a matter of time before something like this happened...


This year, the virtual world has become our real world and because of Zoom, we might never have to leave our house for a meeting again.

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Some of our most common phrases now include "can you hear me?" and "you're on mute".

There have also been many a viral video of Zoom calls gone wrong and you can even find compilations of these on YouTube.

But what happened to one student in Ecuador is still absolutely shocking.

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While attending an online Zoom class, a group of students and their professor were continuing on as normal when they realised one of the students was being robbed.

The girl, whose display name in the video is Majo, was on mute during the lesson but at one point can be seen turning to the door. 

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That's when the intruders enter.

You can watch the full video below:

At one point the students fully realise what is happening and they alert the professor who then says everyone should try and call the police.

Luckily, the student and her family remained unharmed and the criminals were arrested.

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It was also confirmed that the student's laptop was recovered and returned to her.

This goes to show that you should always keep one eye open during your next Zoom call.

Who knows what might happen next?!

Main image courtesy of Pexels

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