You gnaw better! She chewed through anti-theft cord to steal phone

You gnaw better! She chewed through anti-theft cord to steal phone

A woman who could not afford an iPhone ends up chewing through the anti-theft cord...

Close up photo of an iPhone
Close up photo of an iPhone/Pexels/@Athena

The dream for any phone-savvy person is to own the supremo of phones, which the majority believe to be the Apple iPhone. 

It is also something of a status factor. The iPhone community carry around their iPhones as an accessory and for those that want an iPhone, it is something of an esteemed asset. 

Well, the truth of the matter is that not everyone can afford to own one, which sometimes adds to the elusiveness. 

A woman who couldn't resist the urge to own an iPhone took things too far. 

"Unable to fight the desire for a phone she could not afford to buy, a Chinese woman ended up stealing a new iPhone by ripping through the anti-theft cord with her teeth at an Apple Store." (Oddity Central)

This is definitely one of the most unusual methods of stealing and definitely one that shocked many people. 

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The security footage of the incident shows the woman walk into the Apple store and head straight to the phone section. 

"She can be seen glancing around furtively to see if anyone else is around, before grabbing an iPhone and starting to chew on the anti-theft cord securing the device to the display stand." (Oddity Central)

Watch the footage below, courtesy of YouTube

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