Scientists have created mind-reading helmet

Scientists have created mind-reading helmet

Why would anyone want their thoughts to be read?

Paperclip in a shape of a lightbulb and a rubber eraser shaped like a brain
Paperclip in a shape of a lightbulb and a rubber eraser shaped like a brain/Pexels/@EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA

When we first read about this inventive device, we were less than impressed. 

Mostly because we are not sure what the benefit of such a device will have on society. If anything it might stir the pot more than assist with social problems. 

"Researchers at the University of Technology Sydney have introduced a helmet that reads brainwaves and converts them into readable text using artificial intelligence." (Instagram)

"Participants wore the sensor-filled helmet, read out a text, and AI sensors tracked their brainwaves. The electroencephalogram (EEG) recordings were translated into text using an AI model named DeWave." (Instagram)

Essentially what they are saying this helmet can do is read your thoughts and translate them into comprehensive text. 

Video is courtesy of YouTube.

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"While the helmet showed promise in translating thought to text, the initial study with 29 participants achieved around a 40% accuracy rate." (Instagram)

We guess that the point of accuracy is quite impressive and the researchers have shared that they plan to improve the accuracy to a rate of 90%. 

Would you try this out?

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Image Courtesy of Pexels

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