Reunited at last! Brothers meet after 60 years

Reunited at last! Brothers meet after 60 years

Biological brothers find each other after 60 years and the moment is truly priceless. Get the tissues ready...

Brothers reunite after 60 years

Martin Hauser was put up for adoption by his biological parents in 1962. He went on to get married and start his own family, only to feel an urge to find his biological family and reconnect. 

After several attempts at searching for ways to find out his ancestry, he eventually found help from the Children's Home Society. They found a name in connection with Hauser, Joseph B Shaw Sr.

Thanks to Facebook, he found his sibling within 15 minutes! After finding each other online, they began chatting over the phone and finally met in person earlier this month. 

We have the tissues on standby...

Metro reported that "Hauser wore a shirt that read, 'Big Brother Finally'. They embraced one another and shared many hugs and 'I love yous' with one another."

Shaw, the younger of the two said: "I'm ecstatic. I feel at home. Finally."

Reunions such as these leave us feeling grateful. Hauser encouraged everyone who has been adopted to never give up on hope and shared these emotive words with his brother: "I never gave up on finding you... I'll never lose him again. Promise!" 

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