WATCH: Heroine sister snatches gun from armed robber to save her brother

WATCH: Heroine sister snatches gun from armed robber to save her brother

The scary CCTV footage was taken at a store in England. 

'Hero' sister saves brother by snatching gun from armed robber and hitting him with it
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Vijitha Jeyathevan is the definition of 'my brother's keeper' after she heroically rushed to the aide of her younger brother to fight off two armed robbers. 

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In the dramatic footage that has been circulating online, you can see two people walk into the convenience store, one of which has a shotgun and the other a large knife. 

The two robbers are seen on film heading behind the counter at the store to threaten Vijitha's brother, Thaya. One of the robbers then aims the shotgun at Thaya's head at point blank range all the while the shopkeeper remains calm. 

The footage then shows Thaya and his sister Vijitha chase after the robbers.

Vijitha bravely locks the door to trap the robber with the shotgun inside the store as she approaches the two attackers. The CCTV footage shows Vijitha having got hold of the gun and hitting one of the robbers with the gun. 

The brother and sister duo manage to subdue the robbers while they wait for the police to arrive. 

After the incident went viral on social media and was picked up by news outlets, Thaya was interviewed by BBC and he shared the following: 

The two armed robbers, who are said to be teenagers, were released on conditional police bail while they continue with the investigations. 

Vijitha shared that she was very concerned over the safety of her young brother: 

Watch the video below: 

Image courtesy of Daily Mirror 

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