Research shows that consistent drinking of water could slow down ageing process

Research shows that consistent drinking of water could slow down ageing process

Never a better time than now to start upping your water intake...

Man drinking water out of a bottle
Man drinking water out of a bottle/Pexels

Ever wondered if the worldly advice of drinking eight glasses of water a day was valid or not? 

Over the years, drinking water has been linked to good health practice. And we have to agree with the premise, as water does have a glistening effect on one's skin. 

So, when we heard that researchers from the National Institute of Health conducted their study over a 25-year-period using medical visits of over 11,000 adults, then we had to hear the results. 

The study’s lead author, Natalia Dmitrieva, told NBC news in an email: 

"Emerging evidence from our and other studies indicate[s] that adding consistent good hydration to [other] healthy lifestyle choices may slow down the aging process." (Instagram)

Researchers managed to track the hydration of the participants by monitoring their sodium levels. They found that the higher the sodium levels, the less hydrated the participants were.

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For the most part, the study revealed that the participants' hydration was at a normal range. 

"However, those individuals with levels on the higher end of that range — greater than 144 millimoles per liter — were 50% more likely to show signs of physiological aging." (Instagram)

These signs of ageing included high cholesterol, high blood pressure, increased sugar levels along with "physical signs such as sunken eyes, cheeks and dry skin." 

We guess that this New Year is the best time to start hydrating more!

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