A real-life story that reminds us of 'The Notebook'

A real-life story that reminds us of 'The Notebook'

An elderly couple use morse code in an escape from their assisted living facility - just a romantic rendezvous for two...

A real-life story that reminds us of the movie: 'The Notebook'

An elderly couple who live in an assisted living facility in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, managed to use morse code to record the security pin code and escape for a light stroll outside. 

The couple were found strolling a few streets away by a stranger who took them back to the home. The man suffers from Dementia, while the woman has Alzheimer's disease. What a pair these two are, the Bonnie and Clyde of 2021. 

According to Metro, the couple went missing for around half an hour according to a "report done by the Tennessee Department of Health Care home licensing board, which launched an investigation into the security breach."

The staff were left very confused as to how the couple got out, only to find out later that "the man explained how he had ‘previously worked with Morse code in the military’, and managed to use the skills to crack the code." 

It was also included in the report that "the man was able to use his knowledge of Morse code to listen as the staff punched in the number codes and figure out the numeric code to exit the memory care unit."

The facility was fined $2,000 (R30,000) by state officials due to the breakout and this inspired a review into the care of the residents. Staff have now committed to checking in on the residents more often and also to initiate more time outdoors for the man.


Can we just say that as much as this caused some trouble for the care facility, it really was so romantic and we love that despite their conditions they were able to do something exciting with one another and they are back safe and sound at home.  

Image Courtesy of Instagram

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