Real Life Heroes: Good Samaritan saves a toddler!

Real Life Heroes: Good Samaritan saves a toddler!

After an horrific multiple vehicle crash in Maryland, US, a Good Samaritan instinctively jumped into the water to save a little girl.


This story was a must share with our ECR family.

A multiple car crash happened in Maryland, US, leaving a vehicle on its side tethering off the bridge, a scene that we are used to seeing in the movies, not in reality. 

A two-year-old child was thrown from a pickup truck into the bay and as if sent by an angel, a Good Samaritan leaped into the water to save her. 

wtopNEWS reported that: “A Good Samaritan, at the right place at the right time, jumped into the bay to save the baby out of the water,” said Ryan Whittington, a spokesman for the Ocean City Fire Department. “A pontoon boat in the area stopped and picked them up, and took them to meet our paramedics.” 

The Good Samaritan wanted to remain anonymous and in times like these, it's rare to find people performing acts of good and wanting to remain unnamed. 

As we find ourselves running with the news of heroes, we found another hero in India. A six-year-old boy was walking on the railway platform with his visually impaired mother and he fell onto the tracks. 

A railway worker saw what happened and started running toward the boy. Watch the video to see the heroism displayed by this man. 

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