Rachel Kolisi asks South Africans to #SaveSiyasStory

Rachel Kolisi asks South Africans to #SaveSiyasStory

This follows news that an unauthorised biography about Siya Kolisi has been published.


Rachel Kolisi is once again standing right by her husband's side. 

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This time concerning the release of an unauthorised biography about the Springbok captain's life.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Rachel mentions how this book was written and published by Jeremy Daniel in 2019, during the World Cup.

She went on to explain how they have been advised against any legal action and she was hoping that this book would no longer be receiving any attention.

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Speaking out on her husband's struggle, she says that it's his story to share.

You can read the full Instagram caption below:

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Today I’ll be delegating to #SaveSiyasStory There was a book written about Siyas life without his consent. It was released during the World Cup and we HAD a agent at the time who advised us not to take it further, and legally we had no foot to stand on. The book is written by @jeremydaniel51 and published by @jonathanballpublishers Many of you will know I’ve beeeen talking about this, we thought the book had died out with the announcement of Siyas ACTUAL book told by him on the way! Until last night someone messaged me saying they can’t wait to read “the new book” to our horror we see they have released a “updated version of the unauthorized book” Siya has gone through so many struggles some, you might know about and some you have no idea. But the story is HIS to tell. Siya has not benefited from this unauthorized book in ANYWAY. And I would appreciate your help on calling this out for what it is. WHITE MEN benefiting off the back of a BLACK MAN. We want @jonathanballpublishers to stop printing any and all copies of this book, book stores and online sites not to support the selling of these books. Remove any and ALL marketing material. Ps. Please avoid using the covers and title of the unauthorized book (it will only give it more exposure) Can you please help me get the word out. 🙏🏼

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She also warns her followers to stay away from unauthorised books in general.

Do you think this book should remain on the shelves?

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