KFC is getting rid of something iconic

KFC is getting rid of something iconic

The South African favourite has decided to get with the times and update their slogan.


Kentucky Fried Chicken could be considered a South African staple.

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There's nothing like digging into a good ole big bucket of deep-fried chicken with a side of coleslaw.

As people have been saying for years: "It's finger-licking good!"

Then the Coronavirus came and general hygiene was kicked into high gear. 

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So amid the global pandemic, KFC has decided to temporarily remove there incredibly famous slogan.

Although their press release doesn't actually mention COVID-19, it does admit that this year has been an anomaly and they feel like their slogan is not sitting well with the current climate.

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You can watch the official announcement below:

This doesn't necessarily come as a surprise, with many other businesses and companies changing and re-evaluating their ways post-pandemic.

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Main image courtesy of KFC YouTube

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