Police make headway into 18-carat gold potty thieves

Police make headway into 18-carat gold potty thieves

A real-life Italian Job that turned out to be a straight flush...

A golden toilet from the Guggenheim Museum
A golden toilet from the Guggenheim Museum/Facebook/@guggenheimmuseum

There's much on the internet about toilets and the stories are sometimes gross, weird, and TMI. 

But other than the very snazzy toilet that DJ Khaled gifted Drake, we don't hear much about toilets fit for a Queen. 

Oh wait, there is. It is the 18-carat fully-functional golden toilet that was once housed at the New York Guggenheim Museum. 

"Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan named his toilet “America” to reflect the excess of the US — and it was a controversial exhibit for years at the Guggenheim, where visitors were allowed to use it as guards stood outside." (NY Post)

But, sadly, the toilet was stolen four years ago from Winston Churchill’s childhood home, Blenheim Palace.

The authorities have now only hit a big break in the case and found seven suspects, who have been handed over to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). 

"Despite the possible breakthrough, the gold toilet has yet to be found — and experts fear it may have long since been melted down, the Art Newspaper reported." (NY Post)

So, if you were lucky enough to have used this golden throne, then best savour the memory. 

And to think the museum was thinking of sending the toilet to the White House under Donald Trump's rule. But instead, it was sent to Blenheim Palace, an "187-room country estate that was home to wartime leader Churchill."

Just two days later it was stolen! 

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