Patron tips waiter R5 on a R480 bill!

Patron tips waiter R5 on a R480 bill!

Should it be that if you cannot afford to tip the waiter then you don't dine out?

Rands on a dining table at restaurant
Rands on a dining table at restaurant/X Screenshot/@Yolokazi_chagi

According to the Safari Guide Africa, tipping waiters 10-20% of the bill is a standard practice in South Africa. 

However, as much as this may be a standard, not everyone practices it. In fact, "If a standard service charge is charged by a restaurant, it is up to the patron to decide whether or not to add to the tip depending on service." (Safari Guide Africa)

One patron who was dining out at Den Anker restaurant in Cape Town realised after receiving the bill that he did not have enough to tip the waiter. 

The thing is, he doesn't outright say he didn't have enough to tip, but says that the person he went to the restaurant with said they didn't have money for a tip. 

So, the man gave the waiter R5 on a bill that came to R480!

That's not acceptable in the industry and we can understand why the waiter took the R5 and returned it to the patron. But, of course, the patron's point of view was that he at the very least gave the waiter something. 

Watch the short video made by the patron, courtesy of X

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Check out what Mzansi had to say about it all. 

Nav Chan: "Applying an American mindset to a South African waiter's delivered bill is ludicrous! Waiters receive a firm salary from the restaurant (unlike their American counterparts) & most are NOT even South African to start off with (let's get real). You should not be obliged to tip UNLESS the service was spectacular. Come for me if you wish ;)" 

I'm Beejay: "Are you aware that some waiters doesn’t gets salaries but lives on tips? R5 is an insult as far as I’m concerned" 

Paballo: "R5? Just keep it. This is very disrespectful and condescending" 

kevinkhumalo: "the aim was to insult the waiter, to feel superior in some way. Who in their right mind would tip R5 on a R400 bill? If you don’t want to tip, just go to a fast food joint. It may not be compulsory to give a tip however it’s a way of showing appreciation for the service received"

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