Parents call police over disappointing Willy Wonka event

Parents call police over disappointing Willy Wonka event

Parents spent over R846 on tickets for a Willy Wonka experience and it ended up being a bit of a rip-off...

A Willy Wonka decorated space
A Willy Wonka decorated space/Facebook/@Stuart Sinclair

Have you ever paid for something that you were looking forward to but were highly disappointed after experiencing it? 

Well, we've all been there at some time or the other. But most of the time, it's not possible to ask for a refund once you have experienced it. 

Sometimes it is, but it's not often you would find everyone asking for the same thing, especially to the point where the police get involved and the entire event gets cancelled because it was just plain unsatisfactory. 

'A Willy Wonka-inspired experience was brought to a halt following complaints it was "an absolute shambles of an event" and left children in tears.' (Sky News)

Families were promised a "chocolate fantasy like never before" for £35 (R846.00) a ticket, but parents were disappointed when they arrived to find strange decorations and a sparsely decorated venue. 

One father, Stuart Sinclair, took to social media to share pics of the event. 

What an absolute shambles of an event.

Willy wonka experience" ran by House of Illuminati in Glasgow, this was described as the full willy wonka experience with chocolate fountains etc and a great day out for the kids 🤣🤣

Took 2 minutes to get through to then see a queue of people surrounding the guy running it complaining. Company started in November 2023 and is nothing more than an absolute con.

The kids received 2 jelly babies and a quarter of a can of barrs limeade 🤦🤣

Wouldn't recommend this company for anything, event has now been shut down and cancelled for today very professional......

Never seen anything like it was defiently an "experience" (Facebook)

A place decorated with a Willy Wonka poster
A place decorated with a Willy Wonka poster/Facebook/@stuartsinclair
A poorly decorated Willy Wonka event
A poorly decorated Willy Wonka event/Facebook/@StuartSinclair
A sparsely decorated space with a Willy Wonka poster
A sparsely decorated space with a Willy Wonka poster/Facebook/@StuartSinclair

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It's safe to say that the families that attended did not even get a fraction of what they were promised. 

We can understand now why the organisers were forced to cancel the weekend event and even promised full refunds. 

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Image Courtesy of Facebook

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