#Normalise: "I'm not throwing away 20 cans of tomato paste!"

#Normalise: "I'm not throwing away 20 cans of tomato paste!"

This week's #Normalise is a dilemma we all face almost every day.


Every Friday, Vic gives you a scenario and you must decide if this should be normalised or not.

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Today it involves food. 

And, no, this isn't the usual pineapple-on-pizza or milk-or-cereal-first debate.

This food-related query involves the well-known smell test.

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Vic has been wondering: "Should we #Normalise eating food that has passed its expiration date?"

And did you know that there is a difference between the best before date and the expiration date? Neither did we!

Listen here to find what KZN had to say and if they voted for it to be #Normalised or not:

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