Friday Club Sandwich Final

Friday's Club Sandwich!

Vic is super excited to invite you to his club... his club sandwich that is.

Club Sandwich
East Coast Radio

We've launched a brand new music game and we want you to play along by guessing the ingredients.

READ: #MoneyTalks: "Is it wrong to borrow money from my parents?"

You know, like the ingredients of a club sandwich? But they're different songs instead.

Anyway, all you have to do is listen to the four-second musical montage featuring four songs that Vic will be playing at 13h30 every day.

On Thursday we decided to give you a head start and let you listen to the Club Sandwich for a whole day!

READ: "I'm only human, but I close the elevator door instead of keeping it open..."

Listen below to find out if anyone could figure out this Friday's Club Sandwich:

For more unmissable Vic Naidoo  moments, listen below:

Main image courtesy of East Coast Radio

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