Estate agent signs over property rights to owner's pet dog

Estate agent signs over property rights to owner's pet dog

Pets are considered family, but to give them rights to your property may only work in the movies...

A woman holds her dog's paw print on a piece of paper
A woman holds her dog's paw print on a piece of paper/Twitter/X Screenshot/@ketabshah3

In the world of entertainment, it is safe to say that anything is possible. From talking pet dogs to pups that help people out of sticky situations like the 'Paw Patrol' - we've seen it all. 

Anything is possible in the world of entertainment. But in the real world,  you cannot exactly dress your dog up in a suit and send them to work. 

But it seems one man defied the odds of reality and tried to fulfil his client's wish. 

"The head of a property agency in Iran was recently arrested for helping a couple with no human heirs transfer the property rights to their apartment to their pet dog." (Oddity Central)

A video that went viral on social media in Iran showed a businessman prepare a property transfer for a couple with their dog. 

Since the video went viral, the man has been jailed and his real estate firm shut down. 

Check out the video shared on Twitter showing the dog sign with his pawprint. 

"The agent can be heard describing the property, and once the deal is done, Chester’s owners can be seen hugging and congratulating the dog. Iranian authorities didn’t share their happiness, though…" (Oddity Central)

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The reason for his arrest was “normalising the violation of the society’s moral values” and authorising the deal “with no legal basis”. (Oddity Central)

In Iran, owning a dog is frowned upon as dogs are considered "unclean" and therefore this incident was a serious offence. 

"The Tehran city council has also banned the animals from public spaces, describing them as a “major problem”. There was even a time when Iranian authorities mulled confiscating people’s dogs." (Oddity Central)

A sad affair indeed as dogs are considered part of the family for many of us here in South Africa. 

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