WATCH: This thief gets caught red-handed for stealing by the home owner...

WATCH: This thief gets caught red-handed for stealing by the home owner...

In an ideal world, handling criminals would be this easy. Don't try this at home!

WATCH: This thief gets caught red-handed for stealing by the home owner...
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Crime is something that is inevitable in a world that is filled with poverty, greed, joblessness, power-hungry individuals, anger and laziness - there will always be crime. 

Of course, we are not saying that these are the sole causes as to why crime exists, but they certainly contribute to its existence. Criminals are not born, they are made, for a quick buck, or luck, even out of desperation; people will do anything to survive. 

But the thing about crime is that communities find a common ground when addressing it, there are people in certain neighbourhoods that rally together to fight crime. They stand together and form a united front to say 'No' to crime. 

And we have to admit, it's quite inspiring and courageous. So when we saw this video, which was captured from a home security camera system - and the spunk of the homeowner - we had to share it with you. 

WATCH the video footage below, courtesy of Reddit

We are not sure what happened after the fact but many people came to comments section sharing that that was one good getaway car driver. Some even said that the driver was clearly not a good friend as they left the woman to get caught. 

The caption on the video says that the thief said that she was just trying to get the homeowner's Adderall (which is a drug used to treat ADHD), but some of the commenters believe that she said she was just trying to take the homeowner's address. It's clear that something was stolen, the thief managed to get it into the car before falling off. 

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However, she remained adamant that she did not steal anything... we are eager to find out the deets but there was no further update on the comment stream as to what happened after. 

We are not sure about her intentions but this is our opportunity to give you all a piece of advice as the holiday season approaches - the level of crime will also increase. So always remain vigilant and stay safe. 

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