Mother wins court case to evict her sons who are in their 40s

Mother wins court case to evict her sons who are in their 40s

Is it fair to live under your parents' roof without contributing anything to the household?

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A mother's love cannot compare to many things in life. It may also be true that not all mothers are able to bond with their kids. 

And there are those that feel that after a certain amount of time, it's only appropriate to cut the cord and let your children live out on their own. 

From overly possessive mothers to empowering mothers, there are definitely a varied amount of mothers in the world. 

One mother who was sick and tired of her sons taking advantage of her motherly love took them to court. 

"The 75-year-old woman from the city of Pavia, in northern Italy, had long tried to talk her two children to finally move out of the family home, especially since they both had jobs and could afford to rent their own places." (Oddity Central)

Naturally, when you are of an age where you have a job and are earning a decent salary, it makes sense for you to move out and find your own place. 

And usually, kids are all too eager to do this. Get out of their nest and spread their wings of independence. 

But these two men, who are reportedly 40 and 42 years of age, thought differently. 

On top of their attitude, it was revealed that they were not willing to contribute to the home financially, which meant their mother was responsible for everything, nor did they help with any chores around the house. 

This is what led her to take them to court. 

The judge empathised with the elderly mother and "argued that while it is the obligation of the parent to provide maintenance to their children until they reach the age of 18, the same is not justifiable when the children are in their 40s." (Oddity Central)

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The sons have until December 18th to pack their things and leave. 

Interestingly enough, "Italy has one of the highest proportion of adults still living with their parents. According to data from 2022, almost 70 percent of adults ages 18 to 34 still live at home with their parents." (Oddity Central)

No shade, but we guess they haven't researched adults living with their parents in South Africa yet...

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