No regrets! Couple take on R870k debt to pay for their wedding

No regrets! Couple take on R870k debt to pay for their wedding

We think this is absolutely crazy, but, hey, they managed to pay it off in less than a year...

Bride looks at groom while both are seated on a staircase
Bride looks at groom while both are seated on a staircase/TikTok Screenshot/@ashmani95

Weddings are marked as expensive affairs and sometimes no matter how much you budget for it, there are always some hidden costs that add up. 

Most couples save along the way and split the costs so that they don't have to use all their savings on their wedding day, and actually go on a honeymoon or keep the money to start their lives together. 

But one couple openly shared how they willingly took on credit to pay for their wedding. 

Ashley Balley and her husband Anil took on zero-interest credit cards to pay for their wedding. 

The couple accumulated a debt of over $46,000 (R877,000) and said that they were very strategic when it came to taking on debt to pay for their wedding. 

"We knew we could plan out how to pay the debt off. We strategically opened credit cards that had 0% interest for the first year, so our goal was to pay all those cards off before the interest kicked in so we didn't pay anything extra." (Insider)

With the majority of the money being spent on their outfits, the couple were happy to spend it because they believed it meant something special for them and their families. 

"We spent the most on our outfits. Both of our clothes and accessories cost just over $13,300 (R253,000) for our three-day celebration. Hair and makeup for me and my bridal party cost another $3,500 (R67,000)." (Insider)

Check out some of their wedding pics below, courtesy of TikTok

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But this wasn't the usual 'accidentally getting into debt' story, these two knew exactly what they were doing and planned for it accordingly. 

We guess you could call that responsible debt planning...

"We also already had our ducks in a row: We had bought a house before we even got engaged. We had money saved up for the down payment and furnishing. We also had cars that were paid off." (Insider)

They were so sure of themselves and managed to pay off their debt in under a year. Ashley shared that even though they spent this much, they also received help from both her parents and her in-laws. 

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