More proof that reality television is a lie

More proof that reality television is a lie

New information has come to light regarding one of the biggest reality television shows, 'Selling Sunset'.


Even if you consider yourself to be the biggest reality television show fanatic, you have to admit that not all of these moments are real.

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Most of these shows turn out to be pretty scripted or sometimes the reality stars will be forced into certain conversations.

Now it has been brought our attention that 'Selling Sunset' has left out a very important detail.

The show was an instant, viral hit and follows the lives of the top real estate agents in Los Angeles, California.

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Of course, there is more than enough drama and extravagance to keep your cup overflowing, but the new information that has been revealed is quite shocking.

During an interview, one of the stars of the show, Christine Quinn, was presented with the following question: "Do the producers fiddle with the timeline of the show?"

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Her answer was incredibly dramatic, stating that she can't comment on the production, but that the interviewer was a smart woman.

Although it has now officially been revealed that her co-star Mary Fitgerald and Romain Bonnet has been married for two years before their wedding took place on the series!

The reason for this betrayal was that they wanted to make sure they would last in the long-term before telling friends and family.

This news is not exactly ideal for the show as Chrissy Teigen has weighed in with her opinions on whether this show should even be considered a reality show:

Do you think 'Selling Sunset' could possibly be completely fake?

Main image courtesy of Mary Fitzgerald Official Instagram

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