Beyoncé brings her special touch to iconic Adidas sneakers

Beyoncé brings her special touch to iconic Adidas sneakers

The well-known Adidas Superstar sneaker is getting a much-needed Queen B makeover.


Once again, the sportswear brand has decided to team up with the one-and-only Beyoncé.

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This time though it won't be to launch another successful 'Ivy Park' line.

In celebration of the classic sneaker's 50th anniversary, Adidas decided who better to team up with than the just as classic Beyoncé.

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What makes it different from the usual design is that although it still has the white shell toe, white leather paneling, and three black stripes branding, the sole is now doubled up and has sharp edges on the sides and front.

Also on the inside it is branded and has Beyoncé's name written in bold. Obviously.

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Not a lot of information has been released yet, but we do know the Adidas Superstar X Beyoncé will be dropping soon.

Main image courtesy of Beyoncé Official Instagram

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