Meet the 'Super Moth' found in Australia

Meet the 'Super Moth' found in Australia

A Giant Wood Moth has been discovered at a primary school in Australia in what is a huge find for the school and the kids as they are rarely ever seen by humans.

Is it a rat, is it a moth? - it's a 'Super Moth' found in Australia
Facebook/Mount Cotton State School P&C @MountCottonStateSchoolCommunity

We are so used to those furry-looking creatures that fly around our homes.

What we are not used to are mammoth-sized moths, like this one found at a primary school in Queensland, Australia. 

Builders were busy with constructing new classrooms at Mount Cotton State School and found a Giant Wood Moth, which is the heaviest moth in the world. The Giant Wood Moth measures up to 25cm - that's almost as long as a standard-sized ruler! 

According to The Guardian: "Females can weigh up to 30 grams and have a wingspan of up to 25cm. Males are half that size."

Their life span is very short, as adults only live for a few days. 

Meagan Steward, the school's principal, said that they were used to finding all sorts of animals on the grounds due to the school's location. "A giant wood moth was not something we had seen before, it was an amazing find."

The Queensland Museum had to get involved because of all the interest the school was receiving about the Giant Wood Moth. They said that there are around 60 species of wood moth in Australia. 

We found this cool video that gives some insight into Giant Wood Moths - watch it below and let us know if you have ever had a run in with a larger-than-life insect?

Image Courtesy of Facebook

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