Are buffs as safe as masks? Can you get COVID-19 from insects? Prof de Oliveira answers

Are buffs as safe as masks? Can you get COVID-19 from insects? Prof de Oliveira answers

Following recent reports that fabric face masks with breathing valves and neck buffs don't make the cut in the latest government guidelines, a listener wanted some clarity from virus hunter and bioinformatician Prof Tulio de Oliveira. 

Darren's buff and mask collection
Darren's buff and mask collection

There has been some confusion after the recent and updated government guidelines following research that buffs and some masks defeat the purpose of protecting yourself and others from COVID-19. The big question is, what do you do with your buff collection (if you have a big collection like Darren Maule) or if you have valve masks?

Virus hunter Prof Tulio de Oliveira unpacked this research on Darren Keri and Sky, explaining that the thicker the mask or buff the better and the reason buffs are not safe is because of the thin or single-layered fabric used in them.

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More questions were sent through for Prof de Oliveira, including:

  • Can an ancient Genome from Neandertals increase mortality in certain types of people?
  • How will the new mutation of the virus affect vaccine development?
  • Could the impact of Obesity, on mortality, also affect the development of a vaccine?
  • How is Booze fuelling the second wave in Europe?
  • Can the virus be spread by mosquitoes or flies?

Listen to the podcast for all the expert advice:

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