Man fakes heart attack to avoid paying bill at restaurants

Man fakes heart attack to avoid paying bill at restaurants

We are mostly just shocked that someone would even try something like this. 

Man wearing polo shirt holding left chest
Man wearing polo shirt holding left chest/Pexels/@

With elaborate scams such as the one that Anna Delvey pulled and the infamous Tinder Swindler, it is so difficult to know who is being truthful and who is not in modern society.

One man, however, took it too far by faking heart attacks at a number of restaurants. 

That wasn't the travesty though, he was only faking the heart attacks (allegedly) because he was trying to get out of paying the bill. 

"The unnamed 50-year-old man reportedly scammed at least 20 eateries, the majority of them in Spain’s Costa Blanca region, by theatrically faking a heart attack. After ordering food and drinks, he would put on an outrageous theatrical performance, clutching his chest and pretending to faint on the floor." (Oddity Central)

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The man's antics worked for the most part, but his act ended when one restaurant manager saw right through his foolery. 

"Last month, the Lithuanian man was at El Buen Comer, a restaurant in Alicante, enjoying some seafood paella and a few shots of whisky when the staff brought him the bill for 34.85 euros ($37/R693,48). When the waiter left the table, he just got up and tried to leave, but he was stopped and notified that he still had to cover the bill. Visibly upset, the scammer said he was going to get the money from his hotel room, but the staff didn’t let him leave. It was at this point that he started faking a heart attack." (Oddity Central)

The restaurant staff were not standing for his act and instead of calling the ambulance, they called the police. To his surprise, the police officers recognised him from previous restaurant run-ins. 

Restaurant owners are planning to file a joint complaint against him for his deceitful actions. 

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