Chinese man lives under mall escalator for six months before getting caught

Chinese man lives under mall escalator for six months before getting caught

He managed to go unnoticed by mall security, charge his devices and even camped a tent up...

Empty escalators inside a mall building
Empty escalators inside a mall building/Pexels/@Pixabay

When you visit the mall, it is very unlikely that you expect to see someone squatting inside. 

But it seems one man managed to reside inside a mall without anyone taking notice of him. 

A clip on X showed an unidentified man squatting under the escalator staircase of a mall in China. 

And even though we know it's not at all funny, we immediately thought of this meme from Memezar

The man made a comfortable space for himself with a tent, and his desk, ergonomic chair, and laptop all set up under the stairs. 

No one quite knows why he made the mall his residence for six months, but his unusual antics came to an end last month when he was caught by mall security. 

Watch snippets from X

He managed to evade security for six months, charged his devices using mall power outlets away from his cocoon, and supposedly used an inverter to generate electricity. 

Surprisingly, this is not uncommon for people in China to make themselves at home in malls. 

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"Ikea China customers have been known for napping with abandon in the Swedish furniture firm’s display beds — a trend became so rampant that the Beijing branches banned the practice in 2016." (New York Post)

Talk about making yourself at home... this is certainly taking that saying too far.

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