This is why you shouldn't wear floaty pants on an elevator

This is why you shouldn't wear floaty pants on an escalator

A fashion safety hazard...

Woman standing on escalator
Woman standing on escalator/Pexels

As much as we love a good pant, sometimes it can be the root of disaster. 

And that's what happened for this woman who was placed in a terrible situation with an escalator. 

Before we say more, this is something we hope never happens to anyone, and we are glad that she was not hurt. 

In the video that was shared on a 'fail' page on Instagram, we see a woman on the ground. 

She is laughing but her pant is ripped and stuck on the step of an escalator. 

What shocked us is the mere fact that someone took the time to video her in her moment of need, instead of helping her. 

WATCH what happened in the video below. Courtesy of Instagram

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As much as she was laughing about it, and it is certainly humourous to some extent. 

The fact that she could've seriously been injured is what needs to be on focus here. 

One person commented saying: "I've heard so many stories of how these stairs maul peoples limbs when stuck that I'm terrified of getting stuck, she's very lucky she's ok" 

Be more aware when you are wearing a wide leg pant or a dress when traveling on an escalator. 

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