Intruder forces 88-year-old KZN woman to cook for him while he watches TV

Intruder forces 88-year-old KZN woman to cook for him while he watches TV

The intruder made himself at home for nearly three hours.

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An 88-year-old KwaZulu-Natal woman was shocked to find an intruder inside her Port Shepstone home on Good Friday. He forced her to cook a meal for him at gunpoint before he wrapped himself up in her blanket and watched TV for nearly three hours.

The woman’s daughter and granddaughter shared the shocking details of the robbery on Facebook, adding that her entire home was ransacked in the process.

“He took everything that is of sentimental value to her. He took blankets off the beds, threw all the drawers on the floor and basically flipped the room upside down, and then had the audacity to hold her at gunpoint to make him food. She is 88 and helpless,” the woman’s granddaughter posted. “He then continued to eat his supper, wrapped in her blanket, and watched TV in her chair. After three hours he decided enough was enough and left.”

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The woman reported the robbery to police and KwaZulu-Natal police spokesperson Capt Nqobile Gwala confirmed that a case of house robbery is currently being investigated by Southport police.

“It is alleged by the complainant that on April 2 at 7pm she was at her home in Ocean Drive in Sea Park watching TV when an unknown man entered through an unlocked door,” she says. “At gunpoint, the suspect took her cellphone, jewellery, blankets and cash before fleeing the scene. The matter is under investigation.”

In an interview with Carol Ofori, Roy Anderson, the woman’s son, explains that “[My mom] is very traumatised. I can’t believe the cheek [the intruder] had to pull a gun on her and tell her to cook him food. It’s horrible."

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Roy adds that “he took a pack of boerewors out of the fridge and told her to cook it and he ate it in front of her. He then went to her bedroom and said that he wanted a blanket. He took her blanket off her bed and watched TV with it.”

Naturally, the woman has been left shaken after the ordeal. “Every day is worse,” Roy says when asked how his mother is doing now. “She can’t sleep. She’s a nervous wreck.”

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