Lifeguard drone saves 14-year-old boy caught in a tide off a beach in Spain

Lifeguard drone saves 14-year-old boy caught in a tide off a beach in Spain

From robots that play chess to lifeguard saving drones, there are certainly varied ways of looking at robotics. 

Quadcopter or drone flying over the sky
Quadcopter or drone flying over the sky/Pexels Website

When we hear the word lifeguard, we immediately think about 'Baywatch'. 

Not that we were huge fans of the show, but it was something of an iconic show back in the day.

But now as we hear this word, we have fast forwarded to the future (which is clearly now) and see drones that are lifeguards. 

A lifeguard drone saved the life of a fourteen-year-old boy who was caught in a powerful tide off a beach in Valencia, Spain. 

Interestingly enough, drone lifeguard service "General Drones has more than 30 pilots and their drones working with the lifeguards at 22 beaches across Spain." (Sky News)

So this is not a new thing for the country, but certainly beneficial in its practice, considering the lifeguard drone saved this young man before rescue services arrived. 

The drone lifeguard dropped a vest into the ocean, which allowed the teenager to stay afloat whilst waiting for the rescue crew. 

"Miguel Angel Pedrero, drone pilot for General Drones, the firm that supplies the technology said, 'When we arrived, what we saw was a kid that was in very bad shape, with almost no energy to keep floating, so I sent over the life vest. Because of the heavy waves it was a complicated manoeuvre, but we finally managed to give him the vest and he could float until the lifeguards reached him by jet ski'."  (Sky News)

Isn't it amazing that the operator of the drone speaks as if he was physically above him, even though it was the drone hovering over, and he was the one operating it...

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WATCH footage of the incident below, courtesy of Instagram.

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