WATCH: The #OldSchool way of handling snakes

WATCH: Nick Evans got nothin' on this woman!

Carol Ofori was sent this hilarious video from a family member who said, "Now this is the old school way of handling a snake..."

old school way of dealing with snake
Carol Ofori

We are often told that things are changing and that we need to get with the times...However, not all things need to be changed. Some ways of doing things still work, and some need some adaptation. 

In this case, we shout out to the generation that didn't wait for someone to do things for them but just got up and did it themselves. And in the spirit of shout outs, we have to share something that depicts the true nature of this generation we speak about. 

Carol shared this video with us, sent to her by a family member, and we sure had a good laugh about her caption about it - How to remove a snake old school style? Lol!

Watch the video below:

We gotta say, many times the fight between old school and new school is ongoing there's never an official winner, in this case, it's obvious that this lady is the winner for old school! 

Cheers to #OldSchool - whoop whoop!

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