Landlord is shocked to discover condition of his home after renters move out

Landlord is shocked to discover condition of his home after renters move out

WARNING: This story contains images some may find disturbing. Please read at your own discretion.


Tommy Lappin from Swindon, England, had been struggling to remove two very stubborn female tenants from his home. 

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The women were apparently unemployed, owed him a total of £6,500 (around R140,000) and after 10 months, they finally move out.

Upon entering the house, he thought it would be a quick carpet clean, but was shocked when he saw the amount of filth that they had left behind.


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Almost every inch of the house was covered in cat faeces, from the carpet to the walls.

And if you thought it couldn't get any worse, there were also heaps of rubbish everywhere.

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After seeing the state of the house, he had to wear a protective suit and breathing apparatus because the smell was too horrific.

The damages resulted in a total cost of repairs which set him back a total of £15,000 (over R300,000) which he should have been using during his retirement.

He had to throw away every piece of furniture, carpet, and underlay.

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He has since contacted one of the girls' mothers and although she said she was very disappointed to hear this, he has not heard anything yet.

And we thought the television show 'Hoarders' was bad!

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