KZN mother leaves kids alone at home, house burns down

KZN mother leaves kids alone at home, house burns down

A mother from Waterloo allegedly left her kids alone at home to go out for a night of drinking... and the kids barely made it out of their burning home. 

REAL: Mother leaves her kids alone at home and comes back to find house burnt down

It's not every day that we address that elephant in the room when it comes to stories that make us feel uncomfortable. Sometimes, it's because that 'Judgy McJudgy' side of us creeps out and we end up judging someone for doing something silly, or we say, how could you do that?

Whatever it is, we all have moments of judgment and instead of denying it, we should address it, learn from it, and try to be more understanding to other people's circumstances. We can't all be perfect, but we can try to be understanding. 

A mother from Waterloo was allegedly out drinking and left her children at home alone. Her four minor kids were left alone and somehow the house caught alight. The police and the team from Reaction Unit South Africa arrived on the scene and managed to evacuate everyone from the house. 

The house was on fire when they arrived on the scene and they managed to get everyone out safely without any injuries. 

With the current state of things, we have to pay attention to the fact that load shedding is around and therefore we should all be responsible when it comes to educating our children and our families when it comes to fire safety. 

The fact that many households don't have power should also be a factor to consider here. It's important that we make sure we take the necessary steps to teach them how to stay safe when using fire, electrical items, gas, and so on. 

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