Keep or Cut: "My boyfriend came home drunk!"

Keep or Cut: "My boyfriend came home drunk!"

This is the only time of the week when it's totally acceptable to stick your nose in someone else's business.


Keep or Cut is here to help you make those tough decisions.

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Vic, KZN, and Buzz (the voice behind it all) are all here and ready to guide you through the struggles that life can throw at you.

Today, one person is looking for some assistance regarding a boyfriend who is quite an alcohol enthusiast:

Hi Vic,

My boyfriend and I did really well during lockdown and came to an unofficial agreement that we don’t need alcohol or nights at the bar anymore. 

We were thriving by being sober and we planned to stay like this. 

This past weekend he went out and ended up getting really drunk and came home after midnight. 

He says he wants to party again and we should drop the sober thing. 

We were doing so well! 

Should I keep or cut?

- Anonymous in Hillcrest.

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Will KZN tell Anon. to keep the boyfriend or toss him out?

Listen below to find out:

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