Snake waits patiently while woman uses toilet...

Snake waits patiently while woman uses toilet...

Reflecting on this viral moment from last year when a snake nearly went up her...

Traumatising snake preys patiently while woman uses toilet
Traumatising snake preys patiently while woman uses toilet/ TikTok

When going to the bathroom in the middle of the night, you never expect anything to scare you or - worse - join you in the toilet. 

One woman got the scare of a lifetime when an unwanted guest popped up in her toilet bowl.

Not only did the snake wait patiently in the toilet, but the snake also let the homeowner finish her business on top of it!

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Seems like something straight out of a horror film, right?! Check out what went down (or came up?) here: 


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The snake, which has been identified as a yellow rat snake, is all the rage on the net right now. 

While many debate whether this moment is a hoax or a terrifying reality, here's what else users had to say:

  • "Oh my gosh. It finally happened. My worst fear. Toilet snake. Nope, nope, nope."
  • "The snake is like, "GIRL CALM DOWN. I SAW EVERYTHING."
  • "The snake for sure was yelling the same thing. "Oh my gosh she peed."
  • "Snake got golden showered
  • "You peed on a snake???
  • "At least he's warm now"

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Check out another toilet snake incident here: 

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