Instagram now allows users to send content to 'close friends' only

Instagram now allows users to send content to 'close friends' only

This is great for those users who prefer to keep their content private. 

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There are those social media users who prefer to keep their content private. 

As much as this may seem contrary to the point of social media, there is actually a large number of people who would like to keep their content exclusive to close friends. 

In fact, they prefer to be 'social' with the people they actually know on social media. 

"Instagram users have been complaining for a while about the impersonal nature of the social network largely due to its algorithmic feed. The company has been trying to launch more avenues for users to share content with their friends." (TechCrunch)

So, the social media platform Instagram has listened to and updated a key feature on their platform. 

Users are now able to share their photos and reels specifically with close friends. 

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“We’re testing the ability for people in select countries to share feed posts with their Close Friends. We’re always exploring new ways for our community to express themselves and connect on Instagram,” a Meta spokesperson said in a statement." (TechCrunch)

Well, the good news is we are part of the update. When you are about to share a photo or reel, just click on 'Audience' and instead of everyone, you can select 'Close Friends'. 

If you do not have a 'Close Friends' list, then you can create one by clicking on the small arrow where it says close friends. 

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