Boy breaks record for most Instagram likes on a comment

Boy breaks record for most Instagram likes on a comment

Wait until you see what the comment was...

Young boy standing on grass and the comment on his post
Young boy standing on grass and the comment on his post/Instagram Screenshot/@reed_harrington23

We live in a world that is obsessed with reaching more followers. 

A world that has kids aspiring to become social media influencers - and we're not by any means saying that's a bad thing. 

But we are simply trying to illustrate that life has evolved. A clear indication of how evolved we are can be seen in the records that are being broken. 

For instance, there was a time when the most liked post on Instagram was an egg. Which we think is quite ironic considering the price of eggs at the moment. 

And now a young boy in Grade 7, Reed Harrington, has broken a record with a video he posted at the end of September. 

He has broken the record for the most Instagram likes on a comment in his post. 

His video basically asked people to follow him in a very roundabout way. He said: "When I hit 200,000 followers, I'll do whatever the top comment says on this video and post it."

Watch his video below, courtesy of Instagram.

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As we look at his profile now, he is sitting at 258,000 followers. 

We do not know how many followers he was sitting at when he posted the video, but he has surpassed 200,000 and has not yet spoken about his claim. 

The comment on his post received 2,190,451 likes and over 10,000 replies. And this is what it read: 

"Fly to small town in thailand, get accepted by their people, learn the language, train in muy thai for a year and half, fight in a tournament, win the tournament, return to the USA and join the UFC, stay in shape and go undefeated in your weight class, retire and do an interview saying this comment was the reason you fought so hard...." (Instagram)

We guess the followers are around just to see if he does what he claimed he would do. We will be following closely to see if it happens or not too...

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