INSPIRING: A young boy uses his flute skills to help his family during hard times...

INSPIRING: Young boy uses his musical skills to help his family during hard times

A young boy was found playing his penny whistle on the streets and a passerby finds out that he is actually doing it to support his family. 

INSPIRING: A young boy uses his flute to bring his family out of hard times

An 11-year-old boy from Parys in the Free State was recently featured on The Good Things Guy, where it was revealed that he was playing his penny whistle on the streets as a way to earn some money to help his family.

Many of us can completely relate to losing our income, to having to find alternate means of paying for accommodation, resorting to asking for help, and doing anything we can. These are all things we are familiar with. Even with a savings plan, many of us have been left in a state of despair financially and emotionally during this difficult times.

After a man, that chose to remain anonymous, discovered this young boy and his musical talents, it became apparent that the young boy's parents had fallen on difficult times after losing their jobs. 

"Trying their best to cut costs, the family moved from Rustenburg to Parys and sold everything they owned that was valuable. Now that money has run out; they rely solely on Marnus while they look for new jobs," The Good Things Guy reports.

The thing is that there are many of us that are so quick to judge someone when we see them on the roadside. We forget how quickly things can change, so quickly the comfort of a warm place to sleep and warm food to eat can be taken away or lost.

So what this story teaches us is that we shouldn't judge people, try to look beyond the surface, and even take time to find out if they are okay. Yes, there are many scammers out there, but there are also good people who have been placed in circumstances beyond their control. 

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