Imagine gifting someone lotto tickets and they win!

Imagine gifting someone lotto tickets and they win!

What a wonderful gift...

Imagine gifting someone lotto tickets and they win!
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When someone is unwell or in recovery mode, the only polite thing to do besides offering to make them some chicken soup, is to gift them with something. Whatever you choose, it's the comforting fact behind the gift that truly matters. 

Some give flowers, some give food, some give their time, but whatever the gift is, we love that people try their best to show love and care for their loved ones in unique and one-of-a-kind ways. 

In this case, a man from the United States of America, Alexander McLeish, was recovering from cardiac surgery when he got gifted three tickets. Not just any ordinary tickets though...

These were scratch and win Lottery tickets. You know the ones that everyone gets excited about, where you get to scratch it with a coin and reveal whether you win money or a special prize.

Of course, that was not the only exciting part for Alexander, this 'Get Well Soon' gift was about to change his life in the most amazing way. 

"A Massachusetts man has been left shocked after discovering that he won R16 million ($1 million) from an instant lottery ticket. Alexander McLeish just came out of the theatre following cardiac surgery when his friend Jerry gifted him three get-well-soon Lotto tickets. Little did he know that one of the cards had the winning crossword on it." (MSN)

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He plans on taking a vacation to the Caribbean and also on gifting his friend and his sons some money. What a commendable thing to do, giving back to the man that gifted him the tickets in the first place. 

You see there are good things that happen to people, and whoever said it's not about the thought behind the gift, was wrong.

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