Woman loses her $26-million lottery ticket

Woman loses her $26-million lottery ticket

A woman wins the lotto, only to find out that she has lost her $26-million lottery ticket...

Woman loses her $26million lottery ticket

Can you imagine taking a chance and purchasing that lottery ticket, only to realise that you are the winner but you're without the ticket!

We were mortified for this woman when we heard about her dilemma. The headline read: "The winner of $26million in lottery money may have washed away her luck at any of it." Noooooo!

An unnamed woman walked into a convenience store in Los Angeles, claiming that she had lost her winning lottery ticket. Of course, at first glance, it seems like a famous fib, but the store staff said that they recognised her as a regular customer. 

The woman said that she had left the ticket in her pants and it got damaged in the laundry. Mmmm, really now?

After further investigation by the store, it was found that video footage captured the lady buying a lotto ticket. This was submitted to the California Lottery for further investigation. 

"The winning ticket for the drawing back on November 14 was purchased at that convenience store and no one redeemed it on Thursday, which was the final day." 

The story does sound very convenient, on the last day of redemption, she realised that she had the winning ticket that was now subsequently lost. However, we like to believe in the good of people so we will give her the benefit of the doubt in this case. 

According to the Lottery, those customers that think they have won the lottery must complete a claim form. Those that have lost their tickets are required to show some sort of proof, a photo of the ticket, for instance. 

Lottery officials say that it is very rare for jackpots to go unclaimed. If this woman's claim goes through and she is successfully found as the winner, then she could take home annual installments of $26-million, or a $19.7-million cash option. 

On the other hand, if the jackpot goes unclaimed, the winnings will be given to schools in California. 

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