If you have a phone and are looking for work, this one is for you...earn between R100 and R10k a month

If you have a phone and are looking for work, this one is for you...

A tech company reveals that you could earn between R100 and R10,000 a month with just your phone...

You could earn R100 to R10,000 with just your phone

We are all in for finding alternate sources of income, and more than that with the rate of unemployment on the rise, if we can make a buck or two or maybe even a 100, we say, "oh yeah". The best part is that you will be getting paid to answer questions and to perform small tasks, and you get trained on it too...

M4Jam is a tech company is a crowd-sourcing platform that pays you for small tasks that include providing data or answering surveys for big corporations, Business Insider reports.

M4Jam is a tech platform that offers unemployed individuals with an opportunity to earn money by answering surveys and also they are required to provide information to big corporations on particular products or on communities. 

They provide training for their staff and allocate them with certain tasks that involve collecting data that community members may be able to give them that big corporations struggle obtaining. So it seems like a team of market researchers from a community level. 

"These tasks include individuals finding out what products local retailers or Spaza shops buy, or for instance, a mine that needs to engage with a local community, but struggles to reach it," Business Insider adds.

The CEO of M4Jam, Georgia Midgley, says that many people who are unemployed don't have laptops or an email address, sometimes they don't even have a bank account, but they all have phones. 

"Currently the platform has under a million jobbers registered for tasks on the platform, 65% of whom are female and almost 90% under the age of 35 – 54% of the users are unemployed."

The company won at the World Summit Awards earlier this year for the category for smart and urban settlements. They employ largely from Limpopo, Mpumalanga, and the Eastern Cape regions and focus their efforts on those that are unemployed as opposed to the those that are are trying to make an extra buck. 

Midgley says: "Yes, I collect data for Tiger brands at speeds which you cannot do yourself but my magic is the fact that I'm empowering a local community to collect that information and helping put food on the table." 

What an innovative, yet simple and effective way to help people earn money in a way that doesn't make them feel as if they have to have qualifications or degrees to earn for their families. 

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