Get paid R390 per hour for gaming from the comfort of your home

Get paid R390 per hour for gaming from the comfort of your home

Imagine getting the chance to play video games from the comfort of your home and getting paid to do it? 

Get paid R390 per hour to game from anywhere

When it comes to gaming there are many people who always say, it would be so awesome if I could just play games all day and get paid for it...In fact, it's never something that they really believe will come to light.

A company called, Happy Beds, is looking for someone to be their video game tester. 

They will even supply a gaming bed, the gaming console and the games to the lucky candidate. 

The successful candidate will be paid around R390 (£20) an hour to play and review the games on the bed. If that's not enough they will be able to select their top 3 games to the value of £150 (almost R3000). 

Candidates are expected to complete a sum of 24 hours over the 3 month contract period, so around 2 hours a week. In order for Happy Beds to get valuable information from the job, the person who gets the job would have to give a clear review of the bed, show photos or a video of them using it, and complete questionnaires. 

That sounds like a great job to try out, especially if you have the flexibility to try it out. If you fit the criteria would you apply?

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