IDEAS: Places to visit in Durban that cost less than R150

IDEAS: Three things to do in Durban that cost less than R100

A great guide to interesting places that you could visit in Durban for under R100.

Things to do in Kwazulu Natal for under R100

We're always encouraging people to take a sho't left but what about giving you some options of what to do and then also suggesting things that don't cost an arm and leg. 

This is the first of our KZN guide; the aim will be to give you some information as to what you could do with your family and friends. The best part is that it doesn't break your bank account and it's a way of learning more about our beautiful province province. 

Durban is known for its spice, almost like a little India of sorts. So if you are a foodie and love to expand your palette then you will love visiting the Victoria Street Market is a must for you. Not only is Durban's oldest market, it has some amazing finds and its definitely a cultural experience. 

There is no entry fee so you can literally just go in and walk around, and spices aren't the only things on offer, there are arts and cultural items, there's fresh seafood, and even a meat market. 

So the next one on our list is a very exciting place and we absolutely love this place. Mini Town is - as the name suggests - a town that takes you on a miniature journey through some iconic buildings. 

The prices are great, too. Adults pay R40.00 and children between the ages of 2-13 years old pay R30.00. There is even an option to host your child's birthday party there. 

The Moses Mabhida Stadium has an amazing SkyCar ride that could be a nice one if you want to experience panoramic views of Durban. 

The SkyCar ride is R55.00 for adults and R30.00 for children, it's a great one for families who want to have a memorable family photo opportunity at the top as well. 

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