"I'd like to apologise to my wife for cheating on her... in her dream"

"I'd like to apologise to my wife for cheating on her... in her dream"

The things that get us in trouble...

Unrecognizable person sleeping under white blanket dreaming
Unrecognizable person sleeping under white blanket dreaming/Pexels/@Ketut Subiyanto

There's nothing like sharing some good humour in a relationship. 

We do enjoy a good piece of content and when it comes to couple comedy content, we are here for it. 

A content creator named Kajal Maharaj shares funny and relatable content on TikTok.

The relatable content is definitely associated a lot with the Indian community, but she also shares funny videos that couples can relate to. 

We came across a video by Kajal and her husband that really caught us off guard. 

We really enjoyed that Kajal and her husband were able to take a light-hearted approach to couple comedy, in particular the subject of cheating. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok


The audacity of him.

♬ original sound - Kajal Maharaj 🧿

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If you have ever had a dream about your significant other cheating on you, then you will know that sometimes dreams can seem more real than they actually are. 

The thing about dreams, besides the fact that they are linked to your subconscious, is that they leave you feeling like you experienced every emotion in reality. 

So, we think it was absolutely hilarious and cute for hubby to have made this public apology. 

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