SA TikTok jokes over the amount of NUR plates in Cape Town

SA TikTok jokes over the amount of NUR plates in Cape Town

We can admit it was funny but we could say the same for CA cars in KZN...

A Toyota Starlett parked at a traffic light in Cape Town
A Toyota Starlett parked at a traffic light in Cape Town/TikTok Screenshot/@southafricantimes

We can all agree that many people, both from South Africa and outside of our beautiful country, take Cape Town to be a country on its own at times. 

That means different things for different people, but the point behind our premise is that sometimes (we say sometimes very sensitively), people from the other beautiful coastal city don't appreciate KZNers overstaying their welcome in the Mother City. 

We say this with conviction after a video shared by a Cape Town local was posted to the South African Times TikTok page.  

Please note: Before we go on any further, this is all meant for humour and not to discredit any of our fellow South Africans. 

In the video, we see two vehicles stopped at a traffic light somewhere in Cape Town, and both vehicles have NUR number plates. 

The NUR number plates indicate that the person driving the car registered the vehicle in Umhlanga Rocks. We most likely may ruin the effect if we attempt to explain any further, so let's just share the video. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@southafricantimes Jokes lets talk about the Swellendam number plate ✨ #ohnocleo #southafrica #capetown #durban #h20 ♬ original sound - Amelia Carr


Now there is a deeper meaning here, of course, all of us have our own accents. Even as South Africans, we can tell which part of South Africa our fellow South Africans are from. 

And the "Oh Nurrrr" was very much indicative of our townspeople. We'll take it, it was funny, but we won't forget... my bru, we will not forget. Just for laughs. 

Read some of the comments from people on TikTok:

  • "Cape Town just wants everyone to go back to their home town" 
  • "Could just be hired cars, when we were in cape Town, our hired car was NUR"
  • "This made me laugh more than I should have!" 
  • "dw. a family of 24 is coming there in December. we coming with our briyani to the beachfront"  

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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