"I skateboard in my sari"

"I skateboard in my sari"

A mother who comes from a South Asian background shares how she is breaking cultural norms. 

A woman wearing a sari standing with her skateboard
A woman wearing a sari standing with her skateboard/Facebook Screenshot/@bbcworldservice

Wearing a sari has always been a sign of gracefulness and beauty that is of the highest esteem for many Asian women. 

It is the epitome of grace and yet also comes with a sense of tradition and history. A South Asian mother is breaking the cultural norms around what it means to wear a sari. 

Aunty Skates, Oorbee Roy, is breaking the status quo by skateboarding in a sari. Talk about the coolest aunty in town. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of Facebook.

She was encouraged to take the first step on her skating journey after she found herself standing on the sidelines watching her daughters and husband skate at the skatepark. 

But from becoming a skater to skating in a sari wasn't just a bold move, but a revolutionary one. 

"Seeing a 40-something-year-old South Asian mum skateboarding in a sari. It is the visual representation of anything is possible," Aunty Skates says.

Watch a video of her gliding through the skatepark like a pro. She's got skill!

@auntyskates I do fall but I’ve learned how to fall. Anyway, Some fun stuff coming up with @etcanada soon, stay tuned! #dontfalldontfalldontfall #skateinasari #sarinotsorry #liveyourbestlife #tvsegment ♬ original sound - Breanne

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She started skateboarding when she was 43 years old and now three years later she is motivating other women with her story and will to skate. 

We love the way she is breaking cultural norms whilst also having fun and embracing her age. 

Watch this skater mom do some tricks, courtesy of TikTok

@auntyskates I can’t freaking believe I skated my line in a sari! Drop-in, Axel Stall, Rock to Fakie, Tail Stall and Half Cab ??? 🤯 Anything is possible. #skateboardmom #skateboardersoftiktok #adultskateboarder #miniramp ♬ I bet Ava saw this - nataliejanesings
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Image Courtesy of Facebook

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