Break dancing in a saree! Now that's talent

Break dancing in a saree! Now that's talent

We live in a world that is filled with diversity...

Young woman wearing saree dancing
Young woman wearing saree dancing/Instagram Screenshot/@nepalhiphopfoundation01

In a video posted to Instagram by a Hip Hop foundation in Nepal, we see a young woman traditionally dressed in a saree. 

She is break dancing whilst wearing the saree, and does a brilliant job of maintaining her composure whilst also keeping the saree intact. 

We were left pleasantly surprised, but not everyone shared our sentiment. 

Check out the video below, courtesy of Instagram

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The young lady's name is Jenisha and she is a hip-hop choreographer in Nepal. Her moves literally lift her up and are definitely inspiring. 

Check out how the conversation unfolded and how one DJ shut all the naysayers down with his response.:

thedouble_ag: "It look so wierd , saree doesn't don't support these movements, she is a good dancer though" 

preeti.me10: "I dnt like this wear jeans not saree if you want such moves . This is insult of saree" 

pervezlive2break: "Wow!! No matter what or where no matter what race or background real hip hop is universal.."

sundareesenthil: "And I cant get into a car in my saree. 😅"

deejayphani: "Y’all are hating in the comments cause you can’t dance like her 🤣1: She is an awesome dancer 2: it’s a not a breaking battle ( if you are worried about what she is wearing ) 3: Hip Hop & Breaking in general was to break stereotypes and it’s always about the skills. 4: As long as she is enjoying dancing and music, nothing else matters. Note : I have met her personally and seen her battle. I know she represents the culture and community to the fullest."  

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